posted by gavin on Jul 21

Just got an update from Alex. He’s currently camping at Lake Superior provincial park, still with Theo and Caro. Cell phone coverage has been non-existent, so he hasn’t been able to send updates (the public library in Wawa was one option for internet access but it was a bit of a detour so he didn’t stop over).

They’ve mostly been camping along the sides of the highway 17. The roads are in good condition with wide shoulders. There are more stretches of road without civilization in this part of the country, which makes planning for food and water a bit more important. The highway still has signs for upcoming restaurants that have since gone out of business, which can make things a bit trickier! Luckily Theo and Caro have a water filter which helps a lot.

The heat and humidity have been a bit unpleasant lately, but he says that the mosquitoes and flies are the worst part – his legs are full of bug bites.

He says that the new bike wheel he got in Calgary is working great. He broke his chain once and got a few flat tires, but otherwise the bike’s holding up fine.

He’s about 200 kilometers from Sault Ste Marie now, and about 1000 kilometers away from Orleans, so he’s definitely on the home stretch!


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