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Welcome to AlexBikeTrip.com !


If you are reading this you’ve probably heard about this trip that I plan on doing this summer. After many months of debating in my head I’ve settled on the decision to cycle across Canada alone and self-supported. My journey will start off in my hometown of Ottawa and will lead me eastward through Quebec, New Brunswick, PEI and Nova Scotia. Once in Halifax, I will fly to Victoria and eventually make my way back to the nation’s capital through the Rockies, prairies and my home province of Ontario. So far I’ve been subjected to countless your crazy’s and how long will it take you’s and I’m sure I will get many more in the months to come.

So why am I doing this?


Two years ago I scrounged up some money to buy a new bicycle and combined my love of the outdoors with the freedom of cycling. Since then, I’ve spent my summers on the road and dreaming of my next adventure. Throughout this journey I will encounter hardships and will have to rely on the kindness of strangers. As a way of thanking the communities I visit throughout Canada, I’ve chosen to support their local food banks by posting links to the donation section of their websites. Before you decide on spending your money elsewhere please take a moment to reflect on what truly matters. Bicycle touring has taught me that it doesn’t take much to be happy in life. Few things come to mind when riding, however one constant is food! Our days are structured around eating, now think of the added stress of not knowing when you will get your next meal. They are many good causes out there. However, few have as much of a direct and immediate effect on the way people live. Donations to Food banks often eliminate the middle man because they are mostly run by volunteers. This said, I hope you enjoy my blog and take the time to make a donation to your local food bank.


See you at the finish line!

– Alex

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