posted by alex on Jul 16

I’ve been riding steadily with Theo and Caro for a few days now. We’ve encountered lots of rain and thunderstorms not to mention loads of mosquitoes and black flies. We are all tired of being rained on. I am very glad to have met them, it makes it easier to set up camp and make food. We’ve all donated way to much blood in the forest! Last night we had supper and East Side Mario’s. We must have eaten 6 bowls of salad not to mention a dozen loaves of bread! Thank god for unlimited salad. It looks like I’ll be traveling with the two of them until Ottawa. We ended up staying in the residence dorm at Lakehead University. The rooms are cheap at around 30$ a night (which we split 3 ways by being sneaky!) This morning was spent mostly fixing the bike. I replaced my chain 3 days ago when it split apart and I had to do lots of tuning here and there on Carmen. You guys wouldn’t believe the amount of mosquitoes around here. There isn’t much between Fort Frances and Thunderbay so we have to free camp at rest stops or on the side of the road. I am glad I brought a water jug along to bring potable water. Civilization is scarce around here. My cellphone doesn’t work either. It had something to do with the Thunderbay phone company that has a monopoly around here and not allowing roaming for Virgin Mobile customers. It looks like I won’t be able to make posts until I hit Sault Ste. Marie. In Atikokan I met George who I crossed paths with in PEI. He was riding west with a German couple. The pictures of me with the bandana needs some explaining. We always put on our full rain gear before camping since the bugs are so bad. For some reason they really like getting into our eyes, hence the sun glasses. Two nights ago they got into the tent and I woke up at 2am with a swollen face. The tent walls are becoming quite dirty and it looks like a real massacre took place in there, haha.  Anyways, enjoy the pics!

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