posted by alex on May 10

Wow, one more sleep and it’s go time. I spent the last 3 days frantically getting things done for the trip. I luckily or unluckily received my trekking bars yesterday afternoon. That gave me only a few hours to finish working on the bike. Much appreciation to the crew and Kent at Phatmoose cycles for helping me out last night and early this morning. We ended up working on the bike till 1:30am this morning!! Here she is.. isn’t she pretty?


Partially packed bike

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the tradition with cyclist is to name their rides. I never got around to naming my bike but now since it is worthy of an inspirational name, I’ve decided to call it Carmen!

Tomorrow afternoon I will be in Hawkesbury, Ontario to meet up with my grandparents. It shouldn’t be a difficult ride, mostly flat rural roads for about 100km. I’ll let you know how it went.

It’s go Time!


One Comment to “Leaving tomorrow!”

  1. Guylaine Says:

    Hello Alex!
    If you’re in Boisbriand before us on monday… you (and Carmen!) can go in our backyard. We will come back as soon as possible after work… with the lunch too! You’re invited!!
    Good road! Take care!
    Guylaine et Sylvain

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