posted by alex on May 6

Well it looks like I am going to bite the bullet thanks to Canada post. I was supposed to receive some parts for my bike last week but it seems like there’s a problem at Customs in Montreal. I feel like going over there and doing a little bit of rioting myself, haha.  On a positive note, all of my camping gear is in. All I have to do now is put it in order and start packing. Next friday I will be heading over to the bike shop to work all night on my bike to finish it (with or without the new parts).

In other news, last sunday my good friend dave hosted a going away party for me.  I am sure that all the sentimental gifts that were given to me will help with the stress and the long days. Thank you to everyone who came, it was very special for me to see you guys. In a way, I am very anxious to leave but then again I am not looking forward to look back at everyone as I peddle away.

The twitter account is now working. This means I will be able to send text messages directly to this website! The messages won’t be that long since I am not really good at typping things on my cell phone but atleast they will be frequent. The messages will be posted directly on the  Daily updates from the road section of this website.


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