posted by alex on Mar 8

It’s hard to believe after looking outside that in 2 months I’ll be hitting the road(the 11th of may is my scheduled departure). Ottawa has received something like 350+ cm of snow this year, that’s plenty more than usual. Last year I kept biking during the winter which was relatively warmer than usual (and so was that summer). I’m not an expert on global warming but there’s definitely something wrong in the atmosphere! I just hope that come the 11th of may the weather will be more like spring and less like fall. I froze on some nights last august when I was on a bike trip to NYC from Ottawa. Anyone who has gone camping knows that sleeping bags are never as warm as indicated. We all had polyester sleeping bags rated at 0*Celsius. Yet while I froze, they were sleeping peacefully to the extent that not even the rumblings of a train passing 20 meters from the tent could wake them up! This time around, I’ll bring my toque, long johns and a new sleeping bag.


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