posted by alex on Mar 3

Hi everyone,

Let me welcome you to my first attempt at blogging! I’ll do my best to populate this site with some interesting content before and after the trip. Once on the road, I will no longer have regular access to the Internets so please be patient between posts. When I will have access I’ll post the entries that I will write in my journal and I’ll also upload some pictures. My inner geek also compels me to utilize the google maps website to give everyone a better idea of where I am. As of now, I’m still very much in the planning phase of the trip. I find it difficult to manage school, work and training (more is needed!). I often find myself day dreaming about the trip and can’t wait to spend all of my time making this dream become a reality. To learn more about the trip please visit the “about the trip” section of the website.


One Comment to “Trip Preparation”

  1. Amelie Says:

    Alex tu freakin rock!!!!

    Je devais te le dire. 🙂

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