posted by gavin on Jul 29

Alex is in Deep River, ON tonight, staying over at Ray and Claire’s house (Ray and Claire are a couple that Theo and Caro met while camping in BC a few weeks ago). It’s a rustic house right on the Ottawa River surrounded by wild flowers. They swam a bit in the river (it’s cleaner there than in Ottawa, Alex assures me!) and did some shopping in Deep River. The bike’s still holding up despite the tires being a bit worn out, and his knee was a lot better today, he’s feeling no pain even though there were more hills today than there have been in the past few days.

He’s pretty confident that he’ll be arriving in Orleans by 5pm on the 31st, so be prepared! He can’t wait to see everyone.


2 Comments to “Deep River, ON”

  1. Brigitte Says:

    Merveilleux, on a h√Ęte de te voir! plus qu’un jour… wow! wow! wow!
    Mama G

  2. Carole Seguin Says:

    We are counting the hours now, it’s pretty exciting!!!! We’ll be there for you…..

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