posted by alex on Jul 2

Riding in the prairies is surprisingly very draining. Most of the roads are flat but the relentless heat saps much of my energy. It feels great to be in Regina right now, they have trees here! One of the hardest things about riding in the prairies on a hot day is that there is no shade to be found. There are literally no trees anywhere sometimes. Just to give you an idea how hot it got, the tar on the roads melted to our wheels!

We often have to break after riding just 30km because our water runs out. We both got fed up of drinking water after the first truly hot day.

We both didn’t get much sleep in Moose Jaw. A huge electrical storm hit the area and kept us awake for most of the night. The storm sparked fires that released tonnes of smoke in the air. It smelled like charcoal and the sky was hazy for most of yesterday’s ride.

Once we finally made it to Regina, we stopped at a Sobey’s to eat and rest a bit. We are now staying at the Hostel International on McIntyre Street. Last night we went down to the provincial legislature to watch the fireworks. The mosquitoes were definitely having a feast that night! Dave and I joked about how the fireworks were probably visible in Moose Jaw, haha.


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