posted by gavin on Jun 27

Just got a text from Alex, need to post quick because I’m at the airport about to get on a flight to Ottawa for Canada day (extra)-long-weekend.

He’s right at the Saskatchewan/Alberta border, camping out near a visitor center. He saw some strong sidewinds again as he was ending his day. He says he met up with a riding partner named Dave, and that they plan to ride to Regina together for Canada day (Regina is about 420 kilometers away, so they’ll probably get there just in time to take part in some of the celebrations).

The bike is in good shape, just needs a chain cleaning which he’ll do tonight once he’s all set up. He watched the Transformers movie at the motel yesterday night and enjoyed it quite a bit. Tomorrow he’ll be crossing into Saskatchewan, and will likely make it to time zone border into central time (only one hour off from Ottawa time!).


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