posted by alex on May 27

Hiya Folks,

First off, let me start by saying that last night was definitely the worst night ever! I didn’t freeze (my three layers of clothing took care of that). In fact, it was the wind creating havoc to the tarp (that I cover the bike with) and the fly of the tent. The sound of everything flying around made for a bad nights sleep but helped me get out of bed early. About 10km into the day I pulled over at a Irving gas station/restaurant for breakfast (these things are everywhere in New Brunswick). Turns out Mr Irving is one of the richest men in Canada. Anyhow, inside the restaurant I met a lovely couple from Chilliwack, BC who are traveling the country in an RV. The offered to pay for my breakfast! This trip makes me even more proud of being Canadian, the generosity I’ve received always surprises me 🙂 Like the title of the post says, I am now in Moncton spending the night at my good friend Vero’s aunt’s place. Broke my first spoke today but it didn’t slow me down. Put another 110km on Carmen today. Tomorrow I’ll head out to see the Atlantic ocean for the first time!

And Gavin, I toured Fredericton with Melissa. Fred was short for Fredericton hahaha


One Comment to “Moncton, New Brunswick”

  1. gavin Says:

    Doh! Should have read that text message a bit more carefully I guess – or you could improve your phone typing skills 😉

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