posted by alex on May 23

Hi everyone!

I am now in Perth-Andover, NB just off the Trans-Canada. I’ll try to make my way to Hartland by tonight. Unfortunately it started raining again! I found a great Ultramar that has a trucker’s lounge with the internet! Yes truckers use MSN and the like 🙂 Easy riding today, it seems like I’m mostly doing downhill. I had a wonderful time at Marie Pierre grandmother’s place. Extremely generous people who filled me up with lots of carbs and protein. Received 1 more good luck charm also. I’m getting quite used to being invited by people, it’s strange how I feel like a part of the family in such little time. I will miss the whole gang in Drummond. Maybe next year I’ll bike back there with some friends… I can’t upload pics again, the little computer is locked in a cabinet. Oh well. More and more people are tooting me to encourage me (not to tell me to get out of the way since they are waving to say hi) The french accents are changing also and people address you in both languages. Bilingualism at it’s best! I love this province, even though the weather has been quite rainy it has so much to offer. The power went out yesterday and it actually started hailing! I slept extremely well too, it’s great to stay indoors when the weather goes bad 🙂


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