posted by alex on Mar 19

By virtue of being human beings, I think we all go through periods of self-doubt. For me, there is no greater challenge in this undertaking than pushing aside my doubtful thoughts. The fear of not knowing what I will encounter, worrying about the logistics and doubting my ability as a cyclist are the greatest obstacles I face. Understandably, this is why we often hear marathon runners describing the mental aspect of their sport during and before the race itself.

A few days ago, I had a chat on doubt with my friend Brendan who is planning on biking from Ottawa to Vancouver sometime this summer and is looking for someone to join him. (if you’re interested his website/blog is ) I told him how music and, strangely enough, liberal thought, has helped me repulse self-doubt which can easily overwhelm us if we don’t fight it. Utilitarianism, a branch of liberal thought, reassures me that what I am doing is as much for myself as for something greater than me. Deep down, we both know that we can do this. After all, you have to be pretty much obsessed with the idea to take up the challenge.

Meanwhile, I’ve rediscovered music. Besides helping with the training, the music I listen to (Neil Young, Eddie Vedder, Nsync) brings me further from the now and closer to Go time!



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